Alone or in Groups...Our Exciting tours Make Memories!

Bridgetown Tour

Experience Barbados Culture! You climb aboard one of our exhilarating Ebikes and explore the historic highlights of Barbados during a jam packed 3-hour guided tour! Our Bridgetown Tour starts at Main Event Complex, where you will meet our magnificent tour guide, Amil! Barbados culture and Great Food…and 100% sustainable!

⏱️ Duration: 3 Hours

Southern Island Tour

When you’re ready to take a break from all the hustle and bustle of the city, head out to Southern Island Tour Barbados. The southernmost tip of Barbados is one of its most beautiful spots, and our Southern Island Tour takes you there. The Southern Tour takes you on a leisurely ride on tranquil roads to some of the more scenic locations. You’ll discover some great photo opportunities on this tour!

⏱️ Duration: 3 Hours

Two-Battery Northern Tour

The Two Battery Northern Tour is an adventure through the northern part of Barbados, with a stop at The Prestigious Green Monkey Golf Course and lots of green monkeys! You’ll be able to see where it all started for one of today’s biggest pop stars, Rihanna; we’ll show you her house, as well as some amazing high-priced architecture, stunning private estates, and much more!

⏱️ Duration: 4 Hours

West Coast Tour

The West Coast is a gem of Barbados. It’s a place where you can go snorkeling for shipwrecks in Carlyle Bay, visit George Washington’s house and secret tunnel, and explore the beaches, cemeteries and giant trees that dot the coast. This tour is for those who love adventure, history and nature all in one place. A true treat for your senses!

⏱️ Duration: 3 Hours